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Siren Song

by Suzi Brown

Siren Song is the debut full-length album by Suzi Brown. Suzi's sweet pop melodies fall into an eclectic range of styles from 90s Pop to Motown, Reggae, Jazz and more. Woven between the band arrangements, are mesmerizing solo acoustic performances by Suzi that display her advanced technique!



released July 26, 2013

Songwriter: Suzi Brown
Producer/Engineer: Pier Giacalone
Acoustic Guitar: Suzi Brown
Electric Guitar: Pier Giacalone
Drums: Rodney Holmes
Keys: Arne Wendt
Cello/Mandolin/Violin: Joseph Cheng
Bass: Dan Lucas
Hand percussion: Chuggy Carter
Sax: Jason Mescia
Background Vocals: Jen Starr
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