Suzi Brown

Musician. Storyteller. Advocate.


Singer-songwriter Suzi Brown has witnessed firsthand the effects of sex trafficking on the human soul during her time abroad in South East Asia. While in Thailand she went to Pattaya, the city known as the sex tourist capitol of the world. There, she used her musicianship to gain access and trust in the community, bringing her guitar out onto the streets of the Red-Light District. Not only has Suzi personally gained experience with her work abroad, but she has spent time interviewing police task forces here in the United States to gain knowledge and perspective on sex trafficking in the hotel and travel industry.
Suzi continues to marry her music and activism and has launched a nationwide tour. She can be found lecturing in community centers, listening rooms, churches and other venues. She speaks about her personal experience and encounters while serving time abroad working with sex trafficking victims. She also addresses the criminalization, symptoms and signs of sex trafficking in the travel industry gathered from her research and personal experience.
Dubbed “The Lit Lantern Tour”, after the tales of a lantern in a window as a common sign used to identify a safe house along the Underground Railroad, she embarks on this tour hoping that her voice, her music and her passion can ultimately help save lives.

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